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Jute Stick Charcoal / Carbon Powder


Jute Stick Charcoal / Carbon Powder

The Jute Stick Charcoal/Carbon is made from Jute Stick, after high-temperature anaerobic charring, We get the Jute Stick Charcoal/Carbon. This kind of Charcoal is in a wide range of uses, For example - Fireworks, Gun powder, Water purification, Ink of computer printers, Photocopier machines, Medicine and so on. The Jute Stick Charcoal/Carbon is within lots of micro-pore and high content of Carbon, the quality is very good. Without adding any additives, chemicals or bonding agents, our Charcoal/Carbon is completely natural and odor-free. By reducing waste discharged into the environment, or rather, by making full use of our resources, makes Charcoal/Carbon environmental friendly, and the world, a better place to live. The Charcoal itself has numerous of pores, the Charcoal pores can effectively to suck air and all kinds of floating material, to sulfide, hydride, methanol, benzene, phenol and other harmful chemical substances to absorption, decomposition odor, and deodorization. The technology in making Jute Stick Charcoal/Carbon is available locally and skilled manpower is also available in our country.

Charcoal/Carbon is manufactured from Jute Stick. The carbon content can be 75-85%. It can also be a good alternative to your present wood based or coconut based carbon. We can offer free samples so that anyone can do R&D for their requirement and establish a future potential business. The main advantages for the Jute Stick Charcoal/Carbon are as bellow:

  • The rate per M.Tons is less than the wood based or coconut based carbon.
  • The raw material availability is enough to supply during the whole year at a steady price.
  • It has a whole new ECO based slogan comparing to wood based charcoal as it do not require to cut down any tree as it is a crop which is cultivated each year in our country.

Jute Stick Charcoal Powder Specifications:

Materials: Jute Stick
Purity: 99%
Admixture: 2%
Moisture: 6% (Max)
Carbon: 76% (Min)
Ash Contents: 3%-6%
Country of Origin: Bangladesh
Packing: 12.5 KGS per bag (Woven PVC laminating Bag) with inner bag, Bag
Size: 120 cm x 75 cm.
Quality: Normally Buyers send technician for maintaining quality.
Container Capacity: 9 MT (Approximate 720 Bag/ container)
H.S. Code: 44029000.