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Raw Jute


Raw Jute

Jute is a naturally occurring, inexpensive fiber that is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Because of its natural golden shine, jute is also known as "the golden fiber." Jute is most commonly used to make consumer goods such as bags and rugs. The types of jute used to make goods are purchased in several grades as well as blends of jute and other fibers.


White Raw Jute

White raw jute originated centuries ago in the Bangladesh and was first used to make clothing for villagers and farmers. When trying to locate white raw jute for personal or industrial use, it is also known as "Bangla white." Since then, white raw jute has grown in personal and industrial use. White raw jute is traditionally used to make products such as yarn, twine and rope of white color.

Available Grades: BWC, BWE, BWR.


Tossa Raw Jute

Tossa raw jute and white raw jute are the most commonly found types of jute and are grown in most regions in Bangladesh. Tossa raw jute is silkier and much stronger than white raw jute; because of its extra strength, it is also used to make sliver, yarn, twine and rope.

Available Grades: BTC, BTD, BTE, BTR, SMR.


Meshta/Kenaf Raw Jute

Mesta is also white in color. In the beginning of the new crop season the color is white but as the years go on, it tends to become reddish.

Available Grades: Mashta Special, Meshta A, Meshta B, Meshta C


Jute Cuttings

Cuttings are actually the bottom part of the whole jute fiber. The root part is cut down. Jute cuttings are most often used in yarn manufacturing and other industries.

Available Grades: BTCA (Bangla Tossa Cutting A), BTCB (Bangla Tossa Cutting B), OMC (Ordinary Mesta Cutting), White Jute Cutting